Friday, May 16, 2014

Spring Garden Update

Spring has sprung in the Dream Keeper Garden, and we’re welcoming with warmer weather with the most open of arms! The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the browns and greys of winter are rapidly being replaced by every hue of green imaginable. Our excitement this spring is only heightened by the nearly completed construction of our outdoor classroom, set to be finished sometime over the rapidly approaching summer. The spring is a time for change, and we can’t wait to share all that’s happening in our garden!
Over the winter our garden has gone through a metamorphosis on par with the butterflies that grace our flowers each year. Scholars dreamkeepers alike weathered chorus after chorus of construction work, knowing that soon the Dream Keeper Garden will have its very own outdoor classroom! Our garden is now home to a brand new pathway leading up to a concrete slab that every day becomes a little more homier. Huge plans are in the works for the areas surrounding the eventual classroom, so be on the lookout for native grasses and plants as well as utilizing the surrounding hill-space (a rarity in New Orleans!).
3rd Grade scholar showing off his transplanting skills
Our classes are covering quite a lot in wrapping up the year. Kindergarteners are working on exploring their senses in the garden, while first and second graders are moving into the different life cycles that we see every day while outside. Third and fourth graders are closing out their time in the garden this trimester by learning all the different parts of a plant. 
Middle schoolers that come to the garden have continuously been working hard towards a lot of goals. Each Friday has brought us tons of joy to cook a meal with ingredients from our garden, and each week our scholars work towards that privilege. Fifth and sixth graders have built their garden skills up every week and helping our garden flourish during this transitional time. Seventh and eighth graders are about to make their return to the Marketplace at Armstong Park, a space that gave our scholars so much pleasure during the first trimester.
A middle schooler who isn't afraid of any compost!

This is an exciting time at the Dream Keeper Garden as different projects spring up along with our warmer weather plants. Soon our garden will be home to a butterfly sculpture AND a butterfly mosaic. We’ve constructed a fence across our garden to give more space to our beloved animals. As our winter crops like broccoli, cauliflower, kale and chard are coming out, so many more are taking their place. Recently planted items include tomatoes, basil, and sweet potatoes, a LHA scholar favorite!

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