Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Trimester 2 Update

Late Winter Update

“It tastes better because we picked it."

A few weeks ago a fifth grade scholar said this to me as we were making omelets. After finishing a unit on animal husbandry our scholars applied what they learned about our goats and chickens to make garden fresh goat cheese omelets – with freshly picked greens! Cooking has become a mainstay of both our middle school classes and each Friday our scholars look forward to showing off their developing culinary skills. Over the rhythmic chopping of newly harvested bok choi, we learn as much from our scholars as they do from us.
1st grade scholars peeling and planting garlic
In other middle school news, our 7th and 8th grade class has made its long awaited return to the farmers market. They’ve worked long and hard this trimester to get to market, and last night marked their first venture to the Crescent City Farmers Market, held every Thursday from 3 to 7 PM at the corner of Orleans Ave and Bayou St. John, in the parking lot of the American Can Company. With smiles abound scholars interacted with customers and vendors alike. They set their own prices, learned how to log what they sell, and different market skills to make a pretty impressive debut. As the weeks move on we look forward to see the connections that form when scholars are placed in such a unique environments.
Our farmers market all-stars
Connecting fresh food to families at our school has always been a priority of the Dreamkeeper garden, and this week we launched our FSA program. Families sign up for a share of our garden. This means that each week we’ll send home a bag of produce with a scholar to take home. In that bag will be whatever our garden can produce at that time, along with recipes to help turn those veggies into something delicious (not that they aren’t already!). For March those bags will be filled with greens like bok choi, kale, cabbage, chard, arugula, and root veggies like carrots and turnips.

5th grade scholars showing off their greenhouse skills
As we wind down this trimester and into a new one, we’re looking forward more and more to our middle school classes. Both of them this trimester will be an advanced gardening course, with scholars who have already been in garden once this year. We’ll get to go more in depth and explore different topics with those scholars, and hopefully inspire some young minds and hands to start their own gardens.

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