Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Planning a Healthy Snack!

It's that time of the school year again!  As the end of the quarter approaches we like to celebrate our time in the garden together with a healthy school-grown snack.  As preparation we spent this week learning about nutrition, focusing on the kinds and amounts of foods that make our bodies happy and healthy.

Our scholars learned that scientists have developed MyPlate, a special guide to help us understand different food groups and how much of each we should eat as part of a healthy meal.  Scholars shared their favorite foods and gave examples from each of the five groups such as strawberries for fruit, broccoli for vegetables, pasta for grains, crawfish for proteins, and cheese for dairy.

Some of our kindergarten scholars learned the words "proteins," "grains," and "dairy," for the first time.  We reinforced these words by playing that challenged scholars to group foods into different MyPlate categories.  Foods like bananas and carrots were easy to group, but some foods fit into more than one category such as pizza or red beans and rice!

1st grade shared stories about their favorite foods and identified some that we can grow in the garden and some that we cannot.  2nd grade scholars wrote out their favorite foods on sticky notes then made a MyPlate for the class by posting the stickies onto the board.  We compared our class's plate to the actual MyPlate and learned that we were eating more than enough vegetables, but that maybe we could use some more fruit!

3rd and 4th grade scholars examined the nutrition facts of several food containers to figure out the different nutrients that we get from each food group.  Scholars concluded that no single food group gives us everything we need, so we should eat a variety of foods to stay healthy.

 4th grade scholar examine the nutrition facts of different foods such as oatmeal, ketchup and peanut butter

At the end of each class scholars split up into groups to explore the garden and plan our healthy snack using our very own fruits and vegetables.  The most rewarding part of having a garden, after all, is getting to take a bite out of it!

1st grade scholars plan their healthy garden snack together!

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